You would have come across many incidents of domestic violence in a marriage relationship. The law states that no spouse has right to violence the spouse because of being married and harming their spouse is considered as a criminal offense. The court has the responsibility to intervene when there is a domestic violence case. There are two types of injunctions the court can pass. One type is ouster order where one party must vacate the home and never return back and the second type is non-molestation order where the defendant is restricted to interfere the plaintiff.

The family law act protects both the parties against domestic violence and disputes. The family law keeps on updating based on the needs and interest of the public. A new law incorporated in the family law states that the court orders the ‘balance of harm’ test when the applicant or the child involved in harm or violence activities like ill-treatment, sexual harassment of the child, impairment of mental or physical health from the respondent.

The court also includes the non-molestation order in the family law wherein the respondent is answerable if he has molested the applicant or the child. Most of the women who have escaped from domestic violence by their husband never like to return to their previous home and search for re-housing shelters provided by the public sector and housing institutions. You are eligible for re-housing if only you satisfy certain conditions, for example, a woman who is homeless and threatened with domestic violence.

There are several domestic violence cases, misbehavior cases, for example, husband beats the wife severely and harms her etc. If a husband assaults his wife then he is under prosecution for assaulting his wife. The family law protects both the parties in the case. You must ensure to hire an experienced family lawyer if you face any the above problems. It is not possible to solve the domestic violence problem on your own. Most of the women who have suffered from domestic violence decide to apply for divorce since it is not safe to live with the cruel husband.

You can hire a family lawyer with past experience in similar cases like you. Your riverside family attorney makes you understand about the law practiced in your state and explains you about the divorce process. There are various sources available where you can find a reputed family lawyer. You can check with your friends or colleagues to refer a good lawyer. The internet is the best option where you can find the details of many family law firms with the detailed review from their past clients. You can check some of the famous lawyers online and compare them to hire the best one.

The cost of the family lawyer varies based on your case. You cannot expect how long it takes to get a divorce and based on the number of years the fees of the lawyer varies. Your lifestyle changes after your divorce and if you give importance to your divorce you must pick a well-reputed family lawyer for your case.

Handling Domestic Violence -Tips To Choose A Family Lawyer

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